Work Experience

At English Plus we can help you find the right work experience placement or shadowing opportunity for you.

Work Experience +

  • Groups and Individuals
  • Full support from the English Plus team
  • Work placements in your area of study
  • Specialised English Lessons

Areas of work:

Retail:  shops dealing with customers

Catering: restaurants, cafes

Pets and animal care

Sport and leisure

Education and childcare


Hospitality / hotels

Other placements depending what you need for your work or study.


English Plus’s Work Experience programmes includes:

  • A work placement matched  to your area of work or study.
  • A carefully prepared agreement so you know exactly what work you will do  - even before you arrive.
  • Full 24 hour support
  • Transport to and from the placement and airport transfer if needed.
  • Homestay accommodation with a local Host. See information about our Homestays here.
  • Optional English course, covering exactly the English you need for your placement