English and Drama

English Lessons

What kind English lessons do we offer?

  •  Group lessons for schools
  • Individual lessons for adults and teenagers
  • 1:1 or group lessons for professionals
  • Exam preparation classes for visitors and locals: IELTS, FCE, CAE etc
  • Special courses for ages 50+

Why learn English with English Plus?

Our teachers are all experienced professionals who enjoy teaching

We give you the English lessons you need  to help you learn English.  We make sure each course is tailor made to meet the needs of you or your students

Lessons are student-centred, lively and engaging

Lessons deal with daily life.  There is a strong focus on speaking, pronunciation and the kind of language you will need.

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Drama Classes

Over many years, we have found that students who come on school trips really love our drama activities in class.  As a result, we thought, why not offer drama and role play as a dedicated lesson.

Why chose drama for your students?

Drama and role play really builds student confidence, especially for speaking.  We find that students feel 'safe' when they are taking part in a role play or using English in a drama game or activity.  Students have fun and, importantly, improve their English.

We can offer drama as a separate activity of one to three hours for groups.

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