We have found that students who come on school trips really love our drama activities in class.  As a result, we thought, why not offer drama and role-play as a dedicated lesson or course?

Why choose drama for your students?

Drama and role play-really build student confidence. Students have opportunities to speak English while having fun.

Our experienced drama teachers deliver engaging and motivating sessions to allow students to feel ‘safe’ when they are taking part in a role play or using English in a drama game or activity.  Students enjoy the drama lessons and, importantly, improve their English and communication skills. Students don’t need to be able to act or perform – they just need to get involved and take part.

We offer the following types of drama courses:

  • A stand-alone drama workshop of 2 -4 hours
  • A complete course mixing drama, role-play and English language lessons.  Duration: 9 hours over 3 days
Drama workshop for school groups

Role plays for school groups