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At English Plus we have years of experience of  welcoming school groups.  We work closely with teachers, leaders and agents to put together the right package for each school. English Plus Services for School Groups English lessons Drama lessons Examination Preparation (including FCE and IELTS) Excursions around North Wales and North West England. Activities such as sports or adventure sports Homestay accommodation with local families All meals and transport Full 24 hour welfare support and supervision for students Hotel  or Bed and Breakfast accommodation for Group Leaders and bus drivers Why English Plus? We have years of experience with school groups [...]

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Drama for Groups


We have found that students who come on school trips really love our drama activities in class.  As a result, we thought, why not offer drama and role-play as a dedicated lesson or course? Why choose drama for your students? Drama and role play-really build student confidence. Students have opportunities to speak English while having fun. Our experienced drama teachers deliver engaging and motivating sessions to allow students to feel 'safe' when they are taking part in a role play or using English in a drama game or activity.  Students enjoy the drama lessons and, importantly, improve their English and communication [...]

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English Lessons for Groups


We are specialist in providing English lessons for School Groups.  Our lessons are fun, engaging and focus on getting students to speak. Classes are student -focused and involve lots of project work and group work.   Typical lesson content: Restaurant and shopping role plays British food and culture Drama and song Slang, idioms and everyday British language Project work including surveys, presentations, and creative projects. Between us, the team at English Plus has over 40 years of experience of working with international students and our teachers are all qualified to teach English. Our lessons are tailor-made to different groups and their [...]

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Being immersed in British life is an essential part to any visit with English Plus.   Living with a local family is an incredible experience, helping students with their English and understanding of British culture and day-to-day life. Our homestays offer a comfortable, welcoming home for students.  Hosts also provide an evening meal, breakfast and a packed lunch.  School group students stay in groups of 2-4 unless requested otherwise. All our hosts have a police check and we inspect their homes to make sure it is a safe and welcoming place for students.  Hosts come in all shapes and sizes.  Some [...]